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Senior Moves

Some moves are special, and Paterson Moving has the knowledge and experience to support families during transitional times.  Moving is not just about moving items;  it is also moving people and their lives.  We are experienced in senior and accessible moves by caring, listening and showing respect during these special times.   We ensure a stress-free time during these unique moves and do our absolute best to ensure everyone’s comfort as seniors and those with physical challenges make caring transitions in their new residences.

Your Special Moving Partner

For families with elderly who are downsizing or moving to an assisted living facilities, our Move Specialists will work with your family to outline a Moving Plan and strategy that you can depend on for being caring and respectful.  Paterson Moving has the commitment and experience to be your partner during these transitional moves.  We are a preferred Paterson mover for many adult communities in the area and we adhere to guidelines provided by the National Association for Senior Move Managers.   Give us a call when you have special moving requirements.  It will be our honor to move your senior and accessibility challenged loved ones.    We promise to treat your family like our family; and we will go above and beyond, like we do on every move.

All of our standard and optional moving services are available for seniors transitions to their new residences; and, we know not only is the move itself paramount but the method and approach we employ to ensure families and elders settle comfortably into the new home.  We promise to go above and beyond not to just move boxes during these often stressful times but to be professional and caring.  Our staff is known to stay past the moving of boxes to ensure seniors are settled into their new home and have everything they require. ​

Thoughtfulness in Accessibility

When a situation involves a client with physical or mental challenges, we provide special attention to detail and have the specialized experience with these critical matters.  We start with a comprehensive Moving Plan that takes into account the requirements of these types of moves, such as floor protectionramps, support for furniture set-up, etc.  We are also very conscious of keeping trash and moving materials picked up throughout the move.  Lastly, we go above and beyond not to just move items but be your partner in providing a easy and stress-free move to a new home.

    Other Considerations

    With all Special Moves, our Moving Specialist and associates will go above and beyond in ensuring your loved ones’ transition to a new home is as easy as possible.  We pride ourselves in our thoughtfulness and sensitivity and in providing these moves stress-free and easy on all involved.  Our associates are briefed on any and all unique details about the move so that they can aid to the comfort of the challenged or senior or mover.  Regardless of the situation, Paterson Moving is here to help during these special moves.  ​

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