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We know packing (and unpacking) is many times the work part of moving.  Consequently, Paterson Moving offers a comprehensive offering of packing services to aid your efforts.   We offer the complete line of packing services to enable personalization of your move.  They range from complete packing/unpacking to simply providing you with all the materials necessary to do it your self cheaply and efficiently.   Whatever your needs, Paterson Moving offers a full line of packing services.

Paterson Moving offers the following packing services:

    Gold Level Packing – Complete full-service packing.  We will pack and unpack your entire residence or office using our expert methods and top quality packing materials.  We only need you to provide us with direction on how you would like rooms organized and how & where to unpack and arrange.

·    Silver Level Packing – We assist your packing efforts as much or as little as you like.  It might be to pack one bedroom while you do another, to help you with every room, or any myriad of variations on this level of effort. 
·    Bronze Level Packing – This package is for those that want to pack themselves.   In this case, we offer packing supplies and material.   This will include boxes (all sizes, to include wardrobe), tape, labels, markets, and bubble wrap.  Further, we can provide advise on how to pack and organize so your move goes as efficiently as possible.  

Packing Tips

Below is a guide to knowing and using the correct packing material.  The use of correct material will help prevent damage to your items during moving.  

  • Book cartons (1-2 cubic feet) are easy to carry cartons designed for weighty items like CDs books, and DVDs.  Be sure not to overpack these carton as it may become too heavy for easy moving. 
  • Medium cartons (3-4 cubic feet) provide a variety of uses for small items in your home.  These cartons are perfect for pantry foods, tools, clothing, and countertop appliances.  Remember packing related items together based on room location will make unpacking go more quickly.  

    • Large cartons (4-6 cubic feet) are perfect for packing light but bulky items such as pillows, blankets, toys, etc.
    • Upright Cartons are great for statues, lamps, and other pieces that require an upright container.
    • Dish-packs are triple-walled boxes for fragile items such as glasses cookware, dishes, and china figures.  These cartons are highlighted so that they are not accidentally turned around.
    • Mirror and Picture Cartons are specially designed telescoping cartons that fit pictures, mirrors, and glass tabletops more perfectly than ordinary boxes.  Each box has reinforced braces that make the corners stronger.
    • Wardrobe Boxes are practically mobile closets with steel bars at the top for hanging all your clothing.  Your clothes stay on hangers so that they remain clean and wrinkle-free.
    • Moving or Packing Paper should be newspaper print-free and are used for wrapping, and stuffing.  padding.  
    • Bubble Wrap is used to provide improved padding beyond normal packing paper.
    • ShrinkWrap is used to bind items together and offer assistance against dirt when moving.  
    • Labels are required and used for describing all boxes, containers, and other packaging content for easy unpacking.
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