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How We Plan Your Move

Right when you contact Paterson Moving, the first step we take is to have one of our Moving Specialists go over you entire move, room-by-room and detail-by-detail.  We can do this over the phone, which most of our customers prefer; or we can come to your house or office and do an in-person estimate.   We will inventory every room, their contents, unique packing requirements, any disassembly/re-assemble items, packing options and materials, desired packing services, logistics of locations and layout of the rooms.  We will also review any unique or fragile items requiring special moving considerations.  Also, we will discuss storage requirements and any 3rd party moving service you may require.  Regardless of the moving situation, be it long distance, local, or a special move, Paterson Moving will develop a personalized moving plan that is both efficient and cost effective.  

Our moving estimate will provide all the details to include, packing (if selected), loading of the truck(s), transportation logistics,  unloading, and unpacking (if selected) of your relocation.  We will also detail any extra services, such as storage, motorized vehicle transportation, 3rd party services, etc.  From our free moving quote, we will quickly provide you with all the detail and logistics necessary for you to schedule your move on the spot with one of our Moving Specialists.  Our quote are complete in terms of equipment, manpower, time, and any addition fees (if applicable).  We will estimate time plus or minus one hour, but our Moving Specialists are usually accurate to within 30 minutes.  We will provide this quote in person, over the phone, and in writing as your requirements may dictate.  At date/time will be scheduled for you move when booking, and a conformation of all your moving details will be made with a phone call 24 hours in advance of your moving date.  

Moving Checklist

We offer a brief checklist of things to keep in mind months and weeks before your move:

​2-3 Months Prior to Your Move:

  • Identify your moving dates.
  • Do any house shopping, metro guide reviews, school choices, etc
  • Evaluate if you will be paid back for your move by your employer; identify the reimbursement rates and how they will be provided
  • Consider having a yard sale or donating some of your items to charity that you don’t want to include in the move; this will aid you on moving expenses and ease packing/unpacking efforts

    1-2 Months Prior to Your Move:

    • Contact Paterson Moving to schedule a discussion or meeting with one of our Moving Specialists
    • Purchase or rent your new propery
    • Make a call list of everyone you need to contact about changing locations
    • Get change of address postcards from the USPS and do the same with other subscription or bill providers
    • Coordinate with school(s) on transferring your children
    • Consider state laws for drivers’ license change if relocating to a different state
    • Call your insurance company about changes in policy coverage based on your new location
    • Take photographs of your home for any insurance claims

    3 Weeks Prior to Your Move:

    • Begin packing if doing yourself and/or begin to engage Paterson Moving to pack for you and your family
    • Schedule to have your utilities (gas, water, electric, cable, etc.) disconnected after you move-out date – this call should be done with your utility providers several weeks in advance
    • Call to schedule to connect your utilities the day before your move-in day at your new location

    2 Weeks Prior to Your Move:

    • Plan to eliminate as much food in your freezer and refrigerator
    • Clean your residence to make the move more efficient
    • Plan on moving all cleaners, flammables, aerosols, paints, ammunition, etc. (by law Paterson Moving cannot transport any of these items on our trucks)
    • Drain the gas and oil from your mower and other tools as we cannot move them if they contain flammable liquids
    No job too large or too small for Paterson Moving
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