Winter Moving Tips

Moving during the winter months can be difficult, notably during severe weather or snow-covered ground.  Cincinnati Moving know that winters in SW OH can be unpredictable and severe at times.   The last thing you want to do is to relocate homes and businesses during a major snowstorm.  But, occasionally you just have to move, and move now.  If this is the case –  you can’t avoid a winter move – here are a few tips:


​Hiring a professional moving company is always a great idea, however, it is even a better thought during the winter season.  Professional movers can more efficiently pack, load, unload, and unpack than you can generally do yourself.  Driving a regular vehicle in the winter can be dangerous, however, a large rental truck is even more hazardous.   Please don’t contemplate moving in the winter season – call the professional movers at Paterson Moving.


​If your luck has that you are actually moving when it is snowing, please shovel the walks and driveway  – if will make you and your movers’ jobs easier.  Also, salt any walkways before the move to melt any slick, icy spots.   You want to avoid someone falling, injuring themselves, and breaking a valuable item


​Protect your interior floors, such as hardwood, tile, carpet, etc. with tarps to ensure none of them get dirty or damage during the move.  Winters can be really hard on floors, with the snow and salt on the driveways and walks. ​


 Double-check that your utilities in your new residence are functioning.  The last thing you want to is to move into a new apartment or home only to learn you don’t have any heat, electricity, and/or hot water.


​This should really be tip #1.  Winter moves can be especially daunting and there can be issues.  So, the more positive the attitude you maintain, the more stress-free the move will be.   And when all else fails, a quality hot chocolate or cocktail can always take the edge off.

We are the movers Paterson depends on each year, and especially during the winter season.  Our team is ready to go no matter what season it is.  Call us today to discuss your next move.

Picture of a bar with the lights dimmed in the evening in a restaurant in Paterson, NJ

Top Restaurants in Paterson, New Jersey

Picture of a bar with the lights dimmed in the evening in a restaurant in Paterson, NJPaterson, NJ offers something that would please every palette when it comes to delicious food. There are family-owned restaurants that offer home-cooked dishes and restaurants with Middle Eastern touch that will surely make you crave for more. With all the options you have, you will find it hard to choose where to start.

Al-Basha Restaurant 
Arguably one of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in the west, Al-Basha Restaurant offers shish kebab, shawarma, chicken kebab, and lamb chops. The restaurant is also known for its house specialty, Al-Basha Platter. The dishes are based on what the owner (the father) used to eat when he was younger.

Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse 
If you are a red meat lover, you should not miss dining at Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse. They offer the world-renowned Kobe beef and USDA Prime beef that will make every meat lover happy. Aside from red meat, they also serve seafood such as their ahi tuna which is also a taste of heaven. If you want to save money, you can go to the restaurant at lunchtime when the prices are lower.

Giuseppe Restaurant 
The restaurant owned by Italian Chef Giuseppe Staiano serves authentic Italian dishes using contemporary cooking styles. Some of the mouth-watering cuisines offered in the restaurant are grilled octopus, veal scallop with porcini mushrooms and fried calamari. The restaurant is also ideal for special occasions because they have a private room that can accommodate six to eight people.

Riverside Manor 
Whatever the occasion is, Riverside Manor is an excellent place to hold the celebration. If you are on a budget, the restaurant has promotional offers to draw more customers. If you go there on a Wednesday or Sunday, you can avail of their three-course set menu that includes brioche pudding and broiled cod with bacon and mussels. The terrace is a great spot to enjoy good food and live performances of music bands on a summer evening.

La Hacienda 
If you are craving for something Mexican, you should go to La Hacienda. The interior of the restaurant will make you feel like you are transported to Central America. You should never miss their Todo Mexicano appetizer as well as the Hacienda Combo which is a combination of a beef taco and chicken tostada with sour cream, pico de gallo, and their signature guacamole.

Griselda’s Restaurant
If you are looking for an authentic Peruvian dish, you should drive in Downtown Paterson and loom for Griselda’s Restaurant. You have to be aware that their menu is written in Spanish and their staffs don’t speak English that much, so it would help a lot of you know a little Spanish. This family-owned restaurant serves significant portions of food to locals and tourists.

Toros Restaurant 
Toros Restaurant is the place to go if you are craving for Turkish or Middle Eastern flavors. You can choose from their wide range of menu that includes spicy vegetables, crisp salads, meat skewers, and their excellent-tasting homemade hummus. The prices for the servings are affordable, and you can also have a three-course lunch if you want to save some more.

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